Dorothy Goubault’s  on behalf of “Anna Odeh Photography”!

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Anna while doing the photo shoot for the front and back covers of my upcoming book.

Photo Shoot Testimonial

I had an absolutely amazing experience with Anna while doing the photo shoot for the front and back covers of my upcoming book. Anna is a keeper for sure when it comes to having a picture taken for any occasion. Anna came highly recommended to me by the owner of Queen Bee Millinery store, Perth.

I will share that I am not one that enjoys her picture taken never mind a photo shoot for a book that will accompany me on my International travels as well as my recently recorded CD, Dorothy When Will I See You Again. I very shyly contacted Anna months ahead of the desired photo shoot date. After only a few minutes on the phone, she gave me the confidence I needed in myself to go ahead with the shoot. Anna came across as a very professional, competent and client service oriented person. After a lengthy conversation, I got off the phone saying “yes”, I can do this photo shoot and I am confident Anna is the person for the job.  She will get me through this.  I was not proven wrong.

We spoke regularly leading up to the July shoot. I was nervous to say the very least. With the patience of Jobe, she answered my many questions. I sent her pictures of the wardrobe I planned to wear. She provided advice with honest feedback.

Then the big day arrived. I had my makeup professionally done at Holt Health Spa, Ottawa.  I had my hair professionally done by Salon Fiorella, Ottawa. I was so excited I could have jumped over the moon with glee. I thought my makeup was overly done but Anna assured me upon arrival, it was just perfect.

I was very impressed upon arrival to her home and studio. What impressed me most was her beautiful smile, her gentle presence, and her calming effect on my excited and wired personality.  Anna moved with such confidence and grace. I felt it. Slowly I began to get with the flow. The photo shoot began while she played my beautiful song I wrote and sing on my CD. Before I knew it, I was thoroughly enjoying the poses she was putting me through, even the flashing of the camera did not seem to bother me. The smiles of happiness she brought across my face shows up in all of the grand photos she took.

Two and one half hours later, we finished the shoot, working with four different wardrobe changes and two backdrops to coordinate with the wardrobe changes, and to make me look my very, very best.

That is exactly what Anna did. When I received the almost 300 stunning photos, I could not believe it was little old me. The camera shy gall that hides from a camera. I look absolutely gorgeous.

It was a tough process to eliminate photos, as they were all so beautiful.  With such a difficult task at hand, I decided to share the photos with trusted close friends to help me narrow the list down. Finally, we were down to approximately 30 – 40 stunning photos, along with the two finalist photos everyone chose for the front and back covers of my book. Then, at the end as I simply could not decide which of the two finalists I liked the best, Anna, with her critical and professional eye for detail, helped me decide on the most beautiful photo for the front cover. The owner, Dave Daw of Summit Sound Studio, Westport, also jumped in. Summit Sound Studio is doing the design and layout of my book and recorded my CD. He too agreed with Anna’s first choice for the front cover. A big decision was made after weeks.

In closing, I just love the photos we have collectively chosen to adorn the front and back covers of my book, soon to be published. Stay tuned to Anna’s site, and she will advise you when my book is published and available. A big heart felt “thank you” Anna Odeh Photography!!! I could not have picked a more professional photographer to do my photo shoot for my upcoming book.

Dorothy M. GoubaultSunday,
24 September 2023

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